Old Enfield

Old Enfield has origins to the Republic of Texas, when the unique state was its own country. Magnificent homes, surrounded by equally magnificent trees, line the streets of the neighborhood. Residents enjoy matchless access to both Lamar and Mopac. Austin’s Shoal Creek flows right through the area and allows its residents a scenic hike and bike trail. The neighborhood is extremely...


North University

Lying just north of the University of Texas, the area finds itself popular amongst students and administration alike. Families, however, take joy in the area as well because of the multiple parks provided to its residents, including, Adam-Hemphill Park, Sparky Park, and...


West Campus

West Campus stirs images of original 1930s buildings next to brand new condominium and apartment buildings. College students are the majority of residents in West Campus because of its setting on theUniversity of Texas; students need only walk to class. Aside from being able to walk to class, residents enjoy the many perks of living on campus—including, the many restaurants, such as,...