10 Kern Ramble

Great home in Cherrywood. Nestled on a quiet street this two bedroom and one and half bathroom home sits on a spacious corner lot. The updated kitchen is open to the dining and living room. With wood burning fireplace and lots of natural light, this home is in a sweet spot in this desirable neighborhood. The charming home makes a wonderful home as-is, but also has potential to have a large master suite with the converted garage.

10 Kern Ramble St-large-002-8-Exterior Front 02-1499x1000-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-001-1-Exterior Front 01-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-002-8-Exterior Front 02-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-003-15-Exterior Front 03-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-004-4-Exterior Front 04-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-005-6-Exterior Front 05-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-006-7-Exterior Front 06-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-007-10-Exterior Front 07-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-008-18-Family Living 01-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-009-3-Family Living 02-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-010-12-Family Living 03-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-011-2-Family Living 04-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-012-5-Family Living 05-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-013-21-Kitchen and Breakfast 01-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-014-17-Kitchen and Breakfast 02-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-015-14-Kitchen and Breakfast 03-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-016-9-Kitchen and Breakfast 04-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-017-13-Kitchen and Breakfast 05-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-018-20-Kitchen and Breakfast 06-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-019-30-Master 01-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-020-24-Master 02-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-021-16-Master 03-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-022-11-Other Bath 01-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-023-22-Other Bed 01-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-024-27-Other Bed 02-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-029-29-Sun Room 01-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-030-26-Sun Room 02-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-025-19-Rear Exterior 01-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-026-23-Rear Exterior 02-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-027-28-Rear Exterior 03-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
10 Kern Ramble St-MLS_Size-028-25-Rear Exterior 04-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
  • Price: $510,000
  • Type: Single Family
  • Status: Sold
  • Area: 3
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Half Bathrooms:1
  • Living Areas: 2
  • Dining Areas: 1
  • Garage Spaces: n/a
  • Square Footage: 1,685 (TCAD)
  • Year Built: 1945
  • Pool: No
  • School District: AISD
  • Elementary: Maplewood
  • Middle: Kealing
  • Senior High: McCallum