1300 Silver Hill Drive

001-252362-Exterior Front 001_5730019.jpg
001-252362-Exterior Front 001_5730019.jpg
002-252362-Exterior Front 002_5730023.jpg
003-252362-Exterior Front 003_5730027.jpg
004-252362-Exterior Front 004_5730029.jpg
005-252362-Family 001_5730031.jpg
006-252362-Family 002_5730033.jpg
007-252362-Family 003_5730034.jpg
008-252362-Family 004_5730037.jpg
009-252362-Family 005_5730039.jpg
010-252362-Family 006_5730042.jpg
011-252362-Formal Dining 001_5730046.jpg
012-252362-Formal Dining 002_5730049.jpg
013-252362-Formal Dining 003_5730051.jpg
014-252362-Formal Dining 004_5730055.jpg
015-252362-Kitchen 001_5730058.jpg
016-252362-Kitchen 002_5730060.jpg
017-252362-Kitchen 003_5730064.jpg
018-252362-Kitchen 004_5730068.jpg
022-252362-Master 004_5730081.jpg
019-252362-Master 001_5730071.jpg
020-252362-Master 002_5730075.jpg
021-252362-Master 003_5730078.jpg
023-252362-Master 005 (1)_5730085.jpg
024-252362-Master 005_5730088.jpg
026-252362-Other Beds and Baths 002_5730093.jpg
027-252362-Other Beds and Baths 003_5730095.jpg
025-252362-Other Beds and Baths 001_5730090.jpg
028-252362-Rear Exterior 001_5730099.jpg
029-252362-Rear Exterior 002_5730102.jpg
030-252362-Rear Exterior 003_5730104.jpg

This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home is in a great location, sitting on a large lot. Good potential for remodel or build your own custom in desirable area. Ample bedroom and living spaces for family wanting to get in Eanes under $800,000.

  • 3 Bedroom
  • 2 Bathroom
  • 2,050 sq.ft.
  • .38 Acres
  • Eanes ISD
  • Offered for $740,000