3408 Mount Barker

Amazing opportunity in Balcones Park! This home makes a statement the moment one enters the front door with its two-story ceilings and stone fireplace in the great room. An updated kitchen offers modern appliances and a breakfast room. All bedrooms are downstairs, as well as formal dining, library & bonus/craft/office room. An additional large bonus room w/full bathroom upstairs could be second master.Priced aggressively for location due to updates needed. House has great bones. Downtown views possible from roof.

3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-001-7-Exterior Front 144-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-002-19-Exterior Front 145-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-003-1-Exterior Front 146-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-004-3-Exterior Front 147-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-005-5-Exterior Front 148-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-006-11-Exterior Front 149-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-007-9-Exterior Front 150-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-009-18-Family 252-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-008-2-Exterior Front 151-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-010-6-Family 254-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-011-10-Family 256-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-012-17-Family 258-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-013-15-Family 260-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-014-4-Family 262-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-015-12-Family 263-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-016-13-Family 264-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-017-8-Family 265-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-018-21-Family 267-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-020-23-Kitchen and Breakfast 425-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-019-14-Formal Dining 362-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-022-20-Kitchen and Breakfast 429-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-023-24-Kitchen and Breakfast 431-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-024-25-Kitchen and Breakfast 432-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-025-35-Kitchen and Breakfast 434-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-021-16-Kitchen and Breakfast 427-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-026-29-Master 572-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-027-33-Master 574-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-029-41-Master 577-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-028-22-Master 576-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-030-31-Master Up 579-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-032-34-Office 579-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-031-32-Master Up 581-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-034-26-Other Beds and Baths 528-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-035-27-Other Beds and Baths 529-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-033-44-Other Beds and Baths 526-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-036-39-Other Beds and Baths 531-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-037-28-Other Utility 348-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-038-38-Rear Exterior 660-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-039-30-Rear Exterior 661-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-040-45-Rear Exterior 662-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-041-43-Rear Exterior 663-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-043-40-Rear Exterior 665-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-044-37-Rear Exterior 666-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-045-36-Rear Exterior 667-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
3408 Mt Barker Dr-MLS_Size-042-42-Rear Exterior 664-1024x768-72dpi.jpg
  • Price: $1,200,000
  • Type: Single Family
  • Status: Pending
  • Area: 1B
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 4
  • Half Bathrooms:0
  • Living Areas: 2
  • Dining Areas: 2
  • Garage Spaces: 3
  • Square Footage: 4,164 (TCAD)
  • Year Built: 1979
  • Pool: Yes
  • School District: AISD
  • Elementary: Highland Park
  • Middle: Lamar
  • Senior High: McCallum